Pyrogel® Line

Pyrogel XTF
Pyrogel XTF
Pyrogel XT
Pyrogel XT
Thermal performances
Thermal performances
Oil pipeline
Oil pipeline

Description and technical specifications

Pyrogel XT is an aerogel blanket reinforced with fibreglass continuous filament.
It’s an aerogel impregnated geosynthetic nonwoven felt with a bulk density of 180 Kg/m³ and available in a 5 and 10 mm thicknesses.
The temperature range is wider with a maximum operating temperature of 650°C. This product is suitable for heavy duty use in both mechanical and thermal applications with mid to high temperatures. There is also a more performant pyrogel, known as Pyrogel XTF, which has been specially formulated to provide exceptional protection against fire and it's mainly used by industries in thermotechnical applications.

Product Code Thickness
PG XT 5 5 mm
PG XT 10 10 mm
PG XTF 10 mm
Physical Property Value
Available Thicknesses 5 and 10 mm (PG XT)
10 mm (PG XTF)
Operating temperature range -200°C +650°C
Colour Beige (PG XT)
Dark grey (PG XTF)
Hydrophobic Yes
Density 180 Kg/m3
Fire Classification
[EN 13501-1]
A2/s0/d0 (PG XT)
Thermal conductivity λ at 100°C
[ASTM C177]
0,023 W/mK
[EN-ISO 1182]
Meets outlined criteria
Compressive strength
[ASTM C165]
102-183 KPa at 10-25%

Technical specifications

For any additional specifications, not included in the above prospectus, please contact our offices. Specific test certificates and documentation available upon request.

Pyrogel line aerogels are easy workable, they can be cut using conventional textile cutting tools including scissors, razor knives, electric scissors and punching machines.

The material is provided as a single continuous sheet (without breaks), rolled up and wrapped, anytime ready, in case of need, to be cut and used.

Product width is 1480/1530 mm.
(this value may vary depending on production lot and thickness)

For any further question please contact our offices