About us

An irrational use and exploitation of natural resources combined with a huge amount of greenhouse gases released by a burning out of control imply the need to immediately reduce energy consumption as well as harmful gases emissions for the health of the environment and humankind.
This awareness has led us to search for new thermal insulating solutions by experimenting innovative materials and focusing business activities on the development of aerogel insulation systems.

RT Isolazioni arises on the market by offering high-performance aerogel insulation materials. The aerogels, result of nanotechnology, provide an immediate feedback in terms of savings, by optimizing spaces and resources as well as reducing material use and waste, leading to consequent economic and environmental benefits. These materials are indeed the most performing and technologically advanced thermal insulating solution today available on the market.

The company caters to designers, construction companies, public authorities, industry, craftsmen and retailers offering them a range of hi-tech products for building and industrial applications. We sell products made by Aspen Aerogels Inc., a leading global manufacturer of insulating aerogels and, thanks to the experience gained over the years, we can advise our clients in choosing the most suitable products and installation methods that best fit their needs. Particular emphasis is paid on constructions by providing building envelope thermal insulating solutions.

A young, dynamic and professional environment offers our customers the ideal platform to make the best choice by focusing on the real needs and obtain the maximum satisfaction.